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Wind & Water

The World Surreal


The Wind and The Water, Artist's Concept:
It was the waters of our world that birthed the original life and we still hear their call as we live in the air above them. We must both breath and drink to live. I had unconsciously been shooting this theme for well over a year before I realized how utterly fascinated I had been by the beauty there is to be found at the interface of air and water. That surface was our first mirror. It was in that rippling reflection that we first understood ourselves as something more... something...HUMAN.
The ancient tale of Narcissus and the love of self is visited in these works. Other stories such as grief, joy, motherhood and passion are as well. So stop for a moment.... feel the wind and the water flowing across you. Pause and smell the vapors of our primordial home. 

Be still long enough to let the surface seek it's own level...

...and in that moment of peace, may you see your world the more clearly.

We may live in the air but we are forever bound to the water.

These images are from my "The Wind and The Water" show that first opened at The VALA Gallery, in Mission KS, on December 3rd 2010. The first page are the non-nude images. There is a link at the bottom of this page to take you to the Artistic Nudes from the show. All Images available on 24x36, 13x19 and 8.5x11 inch papers. Priced $350, $160 and $70 respectively.
24x36 inch presented on Moab Encarta Natural
300gram weight paper.
Lesser sizes are on Epson Premium Luster paper.

# 31
Here is the link to take you to the Artistic Nudes from this show. If viewing images of human beings in their natural "unclothed" form offends you...or you are not of legal age to view such materials in the country in which you reside...PLEASE! DO NOT CLICK on the "Enter" button to the left. If you are legal to do so and wish to see images of Artistically Nude Human Beings....please enter the second page of the gallery.