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Abstract Paintings & Original Overpainted Photographs
"Faith of Friends"
The painting to the left is titled "Faith of Friends" for surely I would not have attempted to paint were it not for the encouragement and suggestions of many friends in the arts. For years they urged me to try creating art with my hands and not just with a camera. They were right. The frustrations I felt as a child, over my hand's lack of dexterity, were no longer an issue once I had the camera to render the fine details my eye craved. So I have my camera to capture the details when those are needed and my hands to produce colors and forms in abstract. All together a Win-Win with many thanks to those friends for their encouragements and the faith they held in me...even before I had faith in my own art.

Matted to 11x14 with Black Velvet Matt
"Birth of Suns" $150.00
"Film At 3" $ 200.00
"What if...?" $150.00
"Touch" $150.00
"Along the hyways of the heart" $150.00
"Rift" $300
"Fern Gully" $300
"Leaving" $700
"Missouri Breaks" $300
"I grieve...for you..." $150.00
"Ocean View" $200.00
"Connect" $ 125.00
"Outpouring" $550
"Long Winter's Nap" $125.00
"Welcome to my parlor" $ 150.00
"Velcro...Origins" $150.00