I think being asked to share a couple's special day is an honor. You'll find that my rates are competitive and often below what others charge. I also belive that everyone should have the look and style that they want in their wedding photos. Just let me know how you want them to look and I will give you an exact quote on what it will take to accomplish that look. I think you'll be pleasantly surprized on what is possible!

Your Images Will Now Be Securely Available To You For Online Ordering!

Thanks to our relationship with PhotoReflect and Express Digital we will now be able to securely place your proofs online. There you will have the ability to choose your favorites, decide on editing services, pick your printing sizes and styles...even have them shipped to wherever you choose...all at the click of a mouse. Real power to make your wedding day images something special and unique to you!

Please take a moment to look around our online store located at: Your album can be placed there with or without password protection. We can even use a challenge question that only your close friends or relatives will know the answer to. We want you to have the choice in who can view your images while still making sure that those who need to see them...or be able to order them...will still have access.

"The Groom's Prayer Circle"